Hardware and software for shops

As a service provider, we specialize in the various requirements for an IT infrastructure that shop operators encounter in cultural or tourist facilities. From 20 years of experience in shop operations and over 30 years in the IT sector, we are well prepared for the most diverse requirements of cash register and merchandise management systems.

The core of a shop is a mature logistics system for which suitable IT support is indispensable. What does a POS system have to do at the POS? Which functions must a merchandise management system contain in order to be able to guarantee an optimal flow of goods and inventory? How should inventory take place and which controlling modules are necessary to evaluate shop performance? As an answer to these questions, we have developed a modular system for our shops that covers almost every need in the point-of-sale sector for the cultural and tourism sector.

From us you receive a needs-based system, consisting of hard- and software, for your shop. We are also happy to take over the analysis and process description for individual add-on modules or interfaces as well as the software development for them.

Performance scope

We have solutions for your IT infrastructure

We know what IT is all about for a shop operation and what information is necessary to analyze business performance.

Cash register system

We offer you a ready-to-use cash register system with all necessary standard functions, cash drawer and barcode scanner. The standard version also includes the modules invoicing, personnel planning with time recording, as well as a basic merchandise management with goods purchase.

Merchandise management

Based on the standard cash register system, we also provide a comprehensive merchandise management system for more convenience and greater functionality. This includes many additional evaluation options for optimizing the assortment, as well as largely automated control of ordering processes.

Rental service

Our POS system is also available as a rental version with software and hardware, for longer-term requirements as well as for short-term use. This is particularly suitable for trade fairs, events or pop-up stores. In addition to software and hardware, our rental service also includes support, cash register training and a manual.

Online Shops & Cooperations

It is possible to connect the cash register/goods management system to an online shop via an interface. In addition, we also create interfaces between existing online shops and our systems so that cooperation with us as a goods and logistics service provider runs smoothly.